Seat belt and air bag

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Warning: viewer discretion are advised

moral : do use the seat belt provided in the car, buy a car with an airbag, pray to god not to end our life this way. there must be a better way to die isnt?

Sarawak's bujang senang : air asia & buaya (part 2)

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Warning: viewer discretion are advised

Sarawak's bujang senang : air asia & buaya (part 1)

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Warning: viewer discretion are advised

hi guys, its me again and again again gain more weight. im very sorry for not posting any new post yesterday. ive been very busy with the busyness of the end of semester.tests,assignments etc. already seen the hollywood film ROUGE? the one with enormous crocodile that eat people. well, there is a true strory about it in sarawak. one of malaysia's state located in the borneo island. the croc is not as big as the one in rogue. but, it does eat human.

scary huh? ill post the other pics later.

p/s- no worry to come visit sarawak. no croc will eat u for no reason. buy the low fare airline ticket from!(tony, dont forget to send me a 10k cheque for promoting ur airline!)

The death angel

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Warning: viewer discretion are advised

There are many ways of death. one of them is to get killed on the road. road is the new century slaughtering machine. pls drivers, obey the rules, drive safely and wisely! accidents can happen without any notice. it will happen the time u blink ur eyes.

these pics was taken right after the accident happen. the rescue team have not arrive yet.that is why the guy is still on his seat. this is a very sadist accident.
pls, drive safely.

God does exist

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hi guys
its me again
and again

peace be upon u

this post theme is, does god exist?i took these pics during my last sem break when i was on my around the world trip with steve jobs.. just kidding

i found these god's masterpiece pictures on my hostel file sharing. if u r interested with these pics, kindly left ur email at my blog and ill email it to u. wallpaper size. there are 415 pics. im not going to spam u for sure. i hate spammers maggots.

the next post will going to be ur worst nightmare.. promoting nuffnang nokia silent halloween with scary photos.hehe

klik the pic for larger size.. it'll redirect u to my flickr photosream

18718 11309
12274 1151
156 24665

i was wowed by these pics. in malay, i was "terkesima" .haha. ey,klik the pic if u want to know where the photographer took it.

dont forget to bookmark this blog or ur comp will be infected with trojans and da vinci virius.

c u soon

u know u love me


Math is beautiful

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hi guys, its me again
and again

what about funny pics instead of horrible and make-me-sick pics? these are the best of the best joke ull ever see. lol. if u don't understand these pics, something wrong with ur left brain.haha!

yeah right,expaaaaaaand it bro! haha

pity blondie.. why ppl make fun of blonde humankind eh?
i just dont get it. but this is soooooo math! haha

one of the reasons why intellectual with masters dont want to be a lecturer.

easy math!

found it! haha.100% x

math is about logic, so those answers are quite logic.haha
pls dont fart!

Ikan stim: the blog with weird pics

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hi guys,its me again

i eventually found my blog theme already!
im going to post weird pics. lol. people who want to see bizarre things can subscribe to my blog. yeeeha.

but for sure, ill not stop promoting my ebook finder services.

this time, i want to share pics that make you go euww~
my last post is about a "bomoh" cheating on his patient and its kinda sexualy explicit content..

so, any of u need a transplant?

i have no info about these pics.. mybe somekind of medical school? or black market human organ factory. if u have info on these pics, kindly leave ur comment or just shout it out at the shout box.

what kind of picture do u want me to uoload after this? (explicit content 18sx)

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hi guys, its me again

just want to share u some pics i found using my hostel file sharing software (dc++). about a bomoh that take advantage of his patient. these pics show the bomoh is having sex with his patient. his fool patient actually. his patients are unfortunate wives who want to make their hubby stick or fall in love with them every seconds. sadly the bomoh cheat them by asking them to drink a spelled water (air yg dijampi) and then fcuk them. wtfish?? the bomoh said, he need to spell the wives private part and the ritual must be done naked. whats wrong with these girls??

p/s-if u dont know what a bomoh is, google it. i heard that this event took place somewhere in northern malaysia. wives out there, dont be stupid okayy!

top100 university in the world!

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buat post melayu pulak
klau korg baca shout box aku tu,mcm2 bnda d argue kn.
ada yg myerang cara pmikiran n ada yg myerang personally. mcm shabery serang anwar time
debat muda mmg suka myerang pribadi.

cuma bnda yg d argue ni, xlah sepenting debat tu.

ni antara chaters yg paling aktif, nama beliau noh farid. dia xlink kn nama dia, so theres no info about him/her. noh farid, klau ada ms,blog atau fs atau facebook,link kn lah. pmikiran noh farid ni agak kritis. aku suka. ni antara bnda yg dia kata;

noh farid: "ntahh,nmpak sgt farid ni bodo,tk phm-phm,tp bdk UTP,universiti,tp bodo.."

farid tu,refer pada aku lah. nk kata aku pndai, xla pndai sgt. xpnh dpt dean list pun. aku rasa, noh farid ni lepasan/tgh study kat harvard atau pun oxford sbb itu antara top5 university kat dunia ni.kalau dpt msuk sana, mmg dia yg terbaik kat msia ni .mmg genius la tu. oleh kerana xde info psl beliau, xpasti la sama ada dia study atau dh bkerja. aku trima kritikan nih farid ni dgn hati trbuka sbb utp mmg tak msuk ranking 100 university terbaik dunia pun.. jadi boleh kata pnuntut utp xla hbat mana. apa yg boleh dbnggakn klau mnuntut d utp ni, yg terpilih adalah 500 dlm 10,000. jadi ,stiap intake,ada 10,000++ application tp yg msuk hnya 500 org dan yg dpt biasiswa petronas pun bkn smua.ditapis lg. (berbanggalah junior2 ku!)

tp nabi kata,org yg bijak tu bkn yg msuk harvard, tp yg mngingati sesiapa dh siapkn bekalan utk akhirat, apa kata beli insuran nyawa pulak? kesian anak bini xterbela klau kita mati..klau nk beli polisi takaful etiqa,kontek aku. hehe. ada polisi melabur + plindungan, plindungan shj dsbgnya.

dh melalut ni.. ni nk kongsi ranking U terbaik dunia: mmg xde u msia kat dlm list nih

2007 Rank2006 RankSchool NameCountry
Source: QS Quacquarelli Symonds (
Copyright © 2004-2007 QS Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd.
Click here for copyright and limitations on use.
1 1HARVARD UniversityUnited States
2= 2University of CAMBRIDGEUnited Kingdom
2= 3University of OXFORDUnited Kingdom
2= 4YALE UniversityUnited States
5 9IMPERIAL College LondonUnited Kingdom
6 10PRINCETON UniversityUnited States
7= 7CALIFORNIA Institute of Technology (Calt...United States
7= 11University of CHICAGOUnited States
9 25UCL (University College London)United Kingdom
10 4MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology (M...United States
11 12COLUMBIA UniversityUnited States
12 21MCGILL UniversityCanada
13 13DUKE UniversityUnited States
14 26University of PENNSYLVANIAUnited States
15 23JOHNS HOPKINS UniversityUnited States
16 16AUSTRALIAN National UniversityAustralia
17 19University of TOKYOJapan
18 33University of HONG KONGHong Kong
19 6STANFORD UniversityUnited States
20= 35CARNEGIE MELLON UniversityUnited States
20= 15CORNELL UniversityUnited States
22 8University of California, BERKELEYUnited States
23 33University of EDINBURGHUnited Kingdom
24 46KING'S College LondonUnited Kingdom
25 29KYOTO UniversityJapan
26 18École Normale Supérieure, PARISFrance
27 22The University of MELBOURNEAustralia
29 42NORTHWESTERN UniversityUnited States
30 40University of MANCHESTERUnited Kingdom
31 35The University of SYDNEYAustralia
32 54BROWN UniversityUnited States
33= 50University of BRITISH COLUMBIACanada
33= 19National University of SINGAPORE(NUS)Singapore
33= 45University of QUEENSLANDAustralia
36 14PEKING UniversityChina
37 64University of BRISTOLUnited Kingdom
38= 29University of MICHIGANUnited States
38= 50The CHINESE University of Hong KongHong Kong
40 28TSINGHUA UniversityChina
41 31University of CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles (U...United States
42 24ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of T...Switzerland
43 38MONASH UniversityAustralia
44 41University of NEW SOUTH WALESAustralia
45 27University of TORONTOCanada
46 70OSAKA UniversityJapan
47 66BOSTON UniversityUnited States
48 69University of AMSTERDAMNetherlands
49 43NEW YORK University (NYU)United States
50 46The University of AUCKLANDNew Zealand
51= 32University of TEXAS at AustinUnited States
51= 63SEOUL National UniversityKorea, South
53= 58HONG KONG University of Science & Techno...Hong Kong
53= 78TRINITY College DublinIreland
55= 79University of WISCONSIN-MadisonUnited States
55= 84University of WASHINGTONUnited States
57 73University of WARWICKUnited Kingdom
58 44University of CALIFORNIA, San DiegoUnited States
59 17LONDON School of Economics and Political...United Kingdom
60 58HEIDELBERG UniversitätGermany
61 96Katholieke Universiteit LEUVEN Belgium
62 105University of ADELAIDEAustralia
63 86DELFT University of TechnologyNetherlands
64 111The University of WESTERN AUSTRALIAAustralia
65= 90University of BIRMINGHAMUnited Kingdom
65= 98Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität MünchenGermany
67 82Technische Universität MÜNCHENGermany
68 102University of SHEFFIELDUnited Kingdom
69 61NANYANG Technological UniversitySingapore
70 85University of NOTTINGHAMUnited Kingdom
71= 111UPPSALA UniversitySweden
71= 61DARTMOUTH CollegeUnited States
73 77University of ILLINOISUnited States
74= 56EMORY UniversityUnited States
74= 124University of YORKUnited Kingdom
76 109University of ST ANDREWSUnited Kingdom
77= 127PURDUE UniversityUnited States
77= 88University of PITTSBURGHUnited States
79 111University of MARYLANDUnited States
80= 141University of SOUTHAMPTONUnited Kingdom
80= 121University of LEEDSUnited Kingdom
82 53VANDERBILT UniversityUnited States
83 81University of GLASGOWUnited Kingdom
84 90LEIDEN UniversityNetherlands
85= 87University of VIENNAAustria
85= 116FUDAN UniversityChina
85= 60CASE WESTERN RESERVE UniversityUnited States
88 176QUEEN'S UniversityCanada
89 95UTRECHT UniversityNetherlands
90= 99PENNSYLVANIA STATE UniversityUnited States
90= 118TOKYO Institute of TechnologyJapan
92 102RICE UniversityUnited States
93= 181Université de MontréalCanada
93= 54University of COPENHAGENDenmark
95 48University of ROCHESTERUnited States
96 170University of CALIFORNIA, DavisUnited States
97= 145GEORGIA Institute of TechnologyUnited States
97= 133University of ALBERTACanada
99 141CARDIFF UniversityUnited Kingdom
100 116University of HELSINKIFinland

Ebook4u ( Im offering you ebooks & you only pay me the service charge for searching it )

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ebooks 4u

1. Harry Potter Books 1-7 (Ebook - English) (RM69.99) Recommended

2. The Law Of Success - Napoleon Hill (RM19.99)
3. who moved my cheese - spencer johnson (RM9.99) Recommended
4. Building a Web Site for Dummies (RM9.99)
5. Stephen Covey - The 8th Habit [Executive Book Summaries] (RM9.99)Recommended
6. The 7 Habits of Highly Eff People - Stephen Covey (RM9.99) Recommended
7. robert_t._kiyosaki_-_rich_dad,_poor_dad (RM9.99) Recommended
8. Robert G Allen - road_to_wealth (RM9.99)
9. 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires by Brian Tracy (RM9.99)
10. Tony Buzan - Speed Memory (RM9.99)
11. ayat-ayat cinta, oleh habiburrahman el shirazy (RM9.99) Recommended
12. Now You Know- Doug Lennox (RM9.99)
13. Alexander the Great. His Armies and Campaigns (RM9.99)
14. How To Stop Worrying And Start Living By Dale Carnegie (RM9.99) Recommended


what myspace can do to ur blog!

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hi guys its me again

promote ur blog in myspace or utube
u'll be surprised! just imagine,if u promote ur blog on ur myspace profile that has nearly 5k visitor per day.

myb u wont get 5k unique visitor.but it does help u promote ur blog

eventhough my blog didnt has 1k unique visitor per day, but myspace does promote my blog well.
i know nothing about marketing or increase the trafic of ur blog .. pls share more info with me!

p/s- tertekan sbb nuffnang xltak iklan kat my blog anymore.. since last 2 weeks i got nothing from nuffnang.

books by Dale Carnegie (tokoebooks again!)

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new ebooks arrived! books by Dale Carnegie
  1. Harry Potter Books 1-7 (Ebook - English) (RM69.99) Recommended
  2. The Law Of Success - Napoleon Hill (RM19.99)
  3. who moved my cheese - spencer johnson (RM9.99) Recommended
  4. Building a Web Site for Dummies (RM9.99)
  5. Stephen Covey - The 8th Habit [Executive Book Summaries] (RM9.99)Recommended
  6. The 7 Habits of Highly Eff People - Stephen Covey (RM9.99) Recommended
  7. robert_t._kiyosaki_-_rich_dad,_poor_dad (RM9.99) Recommended
  8. Robert G Allen - road_to_wealth (RM9.99)
  9. 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires by Brian Tracy (RM9.99)
  10. Tony Buzan - Speed Memory (RM9.99)
  11. ayat-ayat cinta, oleh habiburrahman el shirazy (RM9.99) Recommended
  12. Now You Know- Doug Lennox (RM9.99)
  13. Alexander the Great. His Armies and Campaigns (RM9.99)
  14. How To Stop Worrying And Start Living By Dale Carnegie (RM9.99) Recommended

new info about local art from our friend t.k.i

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t.k.i said...

ermm bleh tak kalau seblum nak judge org tuh,buat research bebetul :sori,im not judging them and this chart is not a fact. i mentioned it already yg ni adalah based on my own personal view n apa yg saya tahu. no research hve been done. dats y t.k.i kata aku buat citer gebeng. lol. mmg agak gabeng pun

tau tak 84cube ngan bangkit adalah antara independant label yg tertua kt malaysia yg berjaya??? pastu takkan tak tau kot bangkit sponsor baju2 utk citer KAMI???tau2

pastu tau tak wearenvy dah byk gile buat baju utk band2 cam one buck short,pop shuvit,oh chentaku,estranged and byk diorang pun dah byk kali klua magazine cam utopia,rottw..

pastu tau tak sebnanye independant first skali yg naik dan berjaya ialah wondermilk pasal diorang tahun 98 camtuh dah ade kedai kat damansara...time tuh ade ke street signal sumer nihhh?????

kalau stakat hujan yg femeskan baik takyah la...pasal ramai lg independant label yg dah pegi international...

korang jgn dgr citer gebang mamat nih...bkn nyer betul pun ranking die...suke2 je nak judge org~betul tu! ranking ni tidak diiktiraf mana2 magazine ataupun website yg di popular. ranking ni hanyalah personal view. tgkiu utk pndpat n info t.k.i

Dengan rasminya, blog ni di tutup

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visitor aku dh mningkat! yeay~ thnx kwn2 yg komen kat chatbox.kalau boleh tuka2 link blog lg best! ;)
  • ahmadfaridsainuri i says...hey :`( heheheheheh ahmad farid sainuri nangis bace nisemua kakakakakakakakakaa
    2008-10-17 6:14 PM
    xnangis pun,tkjut saja..i didn't know yg blog aku ni offensive!
  • farid ahmad ...KENAL LU...muke jambu, takde misai budak tak matang...masih TOY, work tak DOPE, tapi ayat nk straight edge...tutup blog tau bukan chater box..keke
    2008-10-17 6:11 PM
    hehe,stuju!aku sndri stres tgk hasil "artwork"aku.xpndai nk terer2.artwork la sgt..btw misai xde sbb aku ckur .xska ada misai.keke
  • farid ahmad kah kah kah...tape ngan ini aku bg pihak ahmadfaridsainuri ingin merasmikan BLOG INI DITUTUP KERNA MULUT BADAN HAMPIR TAK JUMPE BINASA TUNGGU KAMI...
    2008-10-17 6:09 PM
    xtutup lg laaa~xsmpai stahun pun aku wat blog niii..jgn halau aku wehhh
  • noh farid ko soh la abu bakar haila pkai bju ko babi,ni tk,ko nk mrh noh pkai bju owg asal,bior la,ko dh la mrantau tmpt owg,pastu nk bg busok nama sabah!!
    2008-10-17 6:08 PM
    sapa abu bkar halia? aku xmrh la..bkn itu ke faktor certain clothing tu naik?klau x,kongsi la info .
  • noh farid akunye klothing xlaku,sbb tu yg aku dengki ngn owgnye plk,mslhnye aku mmg bangang,so tkyhla nk perli owg len,blajar r sendri,mle dr bwh..
    2008-10-17 6:06 PM
    sapa noh farid?rasanya viewer ni perli aku aku agak laku jgk ekceli.huhu.walupun xslaku yg msuk chart nila..aku xperli aku,yg msuk chart ni adalah aku pnya benchmarking.tgh mule dri bwh la ni.yeah!
  • noh farid ouh yeke,aku pn dgr camtu gk,dia terer art yek,art pemende,artcore yekk,straight edge sesgt,knowledge aku dh power tu yg aku ske mngata owg lk,kn kn..
    2008-10-17 6:01 PM
    err..aku bkn stret adge
  • farid ahmad loh...aku nk snap foto 187clothing then aku edit masuk kat badn beckham je lh..sbb ahmadfaridsainuri kan art n design...kekekekekeke...sialan
    2008-10-17 5:58 PM
    haha.nila akibat nya klau mgaku diri seorang aktivis dh kena hina.haha
  • noh farid tuh r sapal,kene tnye ahmadfaridsainuri r,sbb dia r aku rse cam bodo je,aku pn xtau aku ni emo hanjeng ke,hardcore babi ke,ikan ke,straight edge sgt..
    2008-10-17 5:55 PM
    aku pun xtau aku emo ke,hardcore ke,stret edge ke..
  • farid ahmad yeke...mcm mn nk jd indie???indie tu lagu ke???bollywood???ke nk tanye ahmad farid yang otai bab2 lebel2 ni...apa pendapat kowang???
    2008-10-17 5:50 PM
    err..aku slah define indie ke?tolong btulknnnnnn!

  • noh farid sabah ba,sama la ku,akunye limited gk,limited 127,br je start,mntak ajar sama ku ba,aku xske sme noh gk,tp aku ske sama kamo,aku ni indie,emo hanjeng,
    2008-10-17 5:48 PM
    aku xbnci noh laaaaaaaaaaaaaa..aduhai..salah fhm niiii
  • farid ahmad aku budak sabah jugak jauh ngan kl ni...tah bile leh noh pakai baju aku mcm bdk2 ni....erm tahlah ....nk datang kl duit takde....ddk hulu katakan....
    2008-10-17 5:44 PM
    ntah,aku yg dok area sini pun xdpt pluang mcm dorg..
  • noh farid samat raya gk.. hi wt seme,gua indie-yon.. hai seme..
    2008-10-17 5:43 PM
    hi hi hi
  • farid ahmad selamat hari raya ....hheheheheheheh....hidup malaysia bersatu
  • slamat rayaa

aku xttup blog nila..aku xjangka pulak blog aku ni mnimbulkan kmrahan di kalangan org ramai.
soryyyy!!minta maaf kalau tersinggung. tp klau boleh,btulkn mana yg silap tu..jng hina saja.xde improvement la klau yg lbih tahu xmgajar yg kurag tau.

1st time kene attack dowh..rasa besalah plak wat depa marah.aiyooo
aku nk tekankn,aku xbnci noh~~~~~~~~ aku ske dgr lgu hujan. yg dia sbg pelaris tu,itu la marketing strategy clothing2 tuuuuuuuuu.aku saja nk bgtau.bknnyaa aku bnci nohhhhhhh

btw,aku sdiakn chat box utk org yg xde blog bg komens,so aku xttp chat box ok.nanti ada yg nk bg idea tp xleh nk tulis

apa2 pun,aku mnta maaf klau post2 aku salah,n myinggung prasaaan. yg slah tu,tlg btulkn yaa.i mean,tulis tajuk post n apa yg salah. nk bg idea pun xpa.tulis tajuk post,b bg idea..stiap org msti ada idea tersndiri kn

maaf kn aku dunia!