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hi hi hi
if u already read my previous post, im now developing the website for the free-ebooks finder service for my customers all over the world (

if u dont know and have no time to search ebook by urself, feel free to contact me to find it for you.

the service charge is 10-40 RINGGIT MALAYSIA (3-11 USD) . depends on the difficulty to find it.
but, pls be inform that not all the books in the world available FREE in the internet. so there are chances you'll dont get the ebook that u want.

these are new ebooks i already have. and the price is promotional price for the first month only.

  1. Harry Potter Books 1-7 (Ebook - English) (RM69.99)
  2. The Law Of Success - Napoleon Hill (RM19.99)
  3. who moved my cheese - spencer johnson (RM9.99)
  4. Building a Web Site for Dummies (RM9.99)
  5. Stephen Covey - The 8th Habit [Executive Book Summaries] (RM9.99)
  6. The 7 Habits of Highly Eff People - Stephen Covey (RM9.99)
  7. robert_t._kiyosaki_-_rich_dad,_poor_dad (RM9.99)
  8. Robert G Allen - road_to_wealth (RM9.99)
  9. 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires by Brian Tracy (RM9.99)
  10. Tony Buzan - Speed Memory (RM9.99)
  11. ayat-ayat cinta, oleh habiburrahman el shirazy (RM9.99)
  12. Now You Know- Doug Lennox (RM9.99)
feel free to contact me thru email or friendster profile: