most googled words and its countries

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"Jihad'' - Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan

"Terrorism'' - Pakistan, Philippines, Australia

"Hangover'' - Ireland, United Kingdom, United States

"Burrito'' - United States, Argentina, Canada

"Iraq'' - United States, Australia, Canada

"Taliban'' - Pakistan, Australia, Canada

"Tom Cruise'' - Canada, United States, Australia

"Britney Spears'' - Mexico, Venezuela, Canada

"Homosexual'' - Philippines, Chile, Venezuela

"Love'' - Phillipines, Austrlalia, United States

"Botox'' - Australia, United States, United Kingdom

"Viagra'' - Italy, United Kindgom, Germany

"David Beckham'' - Venezuela, United Kingdom, Mexico

"Kate Moss'' - Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden

"Dolly Buster'' - Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia

"Car bomb'' - Australia, United States, Canada

"Marijuana'' - Canada, United States, Australia

"IAEA'' - Austria, Pakistan, Iran

"ikan stim" - malaysia

yg last tu aku tipu

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