smoke kills?

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Smoking is considered a potentially fatal habit, but what about not smoking? Could that be lethal as well?

Well, that was the result for a Malaysian couple that were beaten to death by four close family members in a ritual apparently intended to help one of them stop smoking.

no-smoking Couple Beaten to Death in Order to Stop Smoking picture

Ku Chin Wah, the head of the police crime investigation department in the Malaysian capital said:

Their heads were smashed on a table, and the couple was beaten with broomsticks and motorbike helmets at the house of a family member in Kuala Lumpur.

The couples 14-year-old daughter was also injured and taken to hospital. One of the couples sons and three other relatives remain in custody, and according to police, four others have been released.

Mohamed Ibrahim Kader Mydin, 47, and his wife, Rosina Mydin Pillay, 41, never expected the reception they got when they arrived at a family members home for a visit. They were there to honor the celebrations marking the end of fasting during the Muslim month of Ramadan but were given the death penalty instead.

Mohamed Ibrahim was trying to give up cigarettes and his wife had a liver ailment. They trusted the relative who suggested that the couple undergo a ritual, which involved all family members joining forces to beat up the couple to rid them of their ailments.

Considering that the couple is now dead, it looks like the family plan to stop smoking and get rid of liver ailments really did work, didnt it?

xpaham sgt apa sebnarnya yg berlaku

tapi kalau semua orang xmerokok, lebih banyak benda baik atau benda buruk yg akan berlaku?

aku rsa, lbih byk benda buruk akan berlaku. what do u think?

p/s- mengenang kan nasib diri yg mnjadi second smoker dlm kalangan kawan2..mesti aku mati dlu dari kawan2 aku ni..



hadio69 @ December 23, 2008 at 5:36 PM

weh npe lak?
bgs la klo sume xmrokok~

ke nape?
tkt kurg pluang kije?
xde kilang rokok?
xde bisnes? hahaha