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1) hello

1.0) more surveys on

2) when was the last time u update ur fs profile?

3) Who's Viewed Me?
_ _ _ Profile views:dd/mm/yyyy

4) what is ur main purpose having a fs account?

5) how many friends do u have?

6) why do u set ur profile as a private profile?

7) r u some sort of fs celebrity?

8) do u have a must view person on fs?

9) after reading comments and approving friend request, what will u do?

10) have u ever bought something from fs?

11) what do u upload on ur private photo album?

12) why do u upload so many pics on fs?

13) how many groups have u joined ?

14) what is ur role in the group?

15) do all ur OFFLINE friends have a fs account?

16) why do u want to tell others through fs bulletin that u r currently ONLINE?

17) do u have a blog? do u mind link this blog on ur blog? -->

18) why do u send forward messages?

19) do u hate FORWARD messages a lot?

20) what is ur internet service provider ISP? streamyx, jaring, bla bla

21) what is the 1st thing u'll do when u have an internet connection?

22) what is ur main purpose surfung the net?

23) list ur fav websites

24) do u follow a blog? why?

25) do u know that people can hack ur private photo album?

26) where do u get ur fs layout from?

27) do u know 187 clothing?

28) do u know who invented fs?

29) r u the type who cant live without internet even for a day?

30) dont u think u r wasting ur time ?

31) what are the things u do using internet?

32) friendster getting boring. u say...

33) im so famous on fs.

34) what will u do if someone send u a comment or msg saying " can i have ur phone number?"

35) do cheat on fs?

36) is it a must to edit ur pics before uploading it on fs? why?

37) im a fs addict