RM15,000,000 saya yang pertama (U)

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Kalau donald trump kata: ' kalau saya nak start balik berniaga, saya akan start dengan MLM '
Kalau Duncan Bannatyne kata: ' kalau saya nak start beniaga, saya akan start dengan ebay '

anda bagaimana?

saya bagi cadangan lah. baca artikel pendek ni:

Aristotle Onassis (Billionaire Tycoon)

Real Name: Aristotle Onassis
Place of Birth: Karatass, Turkey
Date of Birth: January 15th 1906 – March 15th 1975

(Aristotle can truly be defined as the modern term ‘gigolo’; he successfully gained a reputation for dating women who were his pedal stool to financial success. It all began with his first girlfriend Claudia Muzio, who helped him launch his first cigarette business venture. Once the business was successful, he quickly discarded her in search for his next girlfriend, also his next business venture.

This was standard routine for Aristotle; he would conquer and then seek new territory. However, his hard work and dedication that made him a billionaire came with sacrifices. He concentrated on his businesses 24/7 that he was deprived of spending any time with his two children.)

hahahaha. best kan?

Suka entri kali ni? follow/bookmark ikanstim sekarang sempena stok masih ada!


~{[-Da Lovers-]}~ @ September 24, 2009 at 8:07 PM

ahahaha saya suka!!!
tapi tak dapat buat.
best giLa cara dia